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Halkey Roberts

Since 1941 Halkey-Roberts has been providing innovative, cost efficient, quality components to the OEM market.  We offer an experienced manufacturing, engineering and sales staff to provide you with professional help from design concept to finished product.

We are dedicated to offering you the highest quality components for your specific needs.

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Halkey-Roberts manufactures plastic components and subassemblies used in disposable medical devices. We produce standard and customized medical valves including those used as substitutes for needle ports in IV applications, catheter and tracheal tube valves, tubing clamps, tubing flanges, fill and drain closures, hand pumps and pressure relief valves.

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Halkey-Roberts manufactures a complete range of inflator systems for commercial, aviation and recreational life vests and associated safety devices. 

Our product line includes inflators, manifolds, oral tubes and various connectors for use on inflatable safety equipment.

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InflationPressure Relief

Halkey-Roberts pressure relief valves are used in a variety of applications in the aviation, transportation, military and medical industries.

Our valves are 100% tested for proper crack and reseat values to insure reliable performance.