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840 Manual Inflator

Product Information

The 840 series manual inflator is designed for use where manual activation only is desired.  The primary application is for aviation and marine life vests.

Available Replacement Parts:

8491am 8491AM: Top Manifold Gasket
8492am 8492AM:  Bottom Manifold Gasket
849am 849AM:  inch Cylinder Gasket
849aml 849AML:  ½ inch Cylinder Gasket
8451amag 8451AMAG:  Green Lock Clip
8451AMA:  Red Lock Clip
8452am 8452AM:  Red Lock Pin 
V85006:  Green Lock Pin 


Features and Benefits

  • Available for both marine applications or non-corrosive environments
  • Available colors:
    • black body:  non-corrosive environment
    • gray body:  marine application
  • Available with either ball or pull tab lanyard
  • Standard lanyard lengths:
    • 4 inch (10 cm)
    • 5 inch (13 cm)
    • 6 inch (15 cm)
  • Additional lanyard lengths available by special order (minimum purchase required)
  • Available with a breakaway lever (840BIxx)
  • UL recognized for use on USCG approved vests

Specifications and Technical Information

  • Materials:
    • glass filled polyester resin
    • all metal components:  stainless steel and brass electroless nickel-plated for the marine environment
  • Specifications
    • Meets UL 1191 standard
    • Meets Cen/ISO 12402-7 standard
    • UL recognized as a USCG Code 6F component

Information Downloads

Drawings are representative.  Drawings for your specific configuration can be supplied upon request.

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