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Mini Inflator

Product Information

The V87000 'Mini' Inflator is designed for use in markets where weight and volume are at a premium.

Available Replacement Parts:

V87400 V87400:  Lock Clip
849am 849AM:  inch Cylinder Gasket
849AML: ½ inch Cylinder Gasket
  SD87000: Sealing Die
  TV87110:  Pivot Pin Removal


Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight
  • The inflator is available in two colors to differentiate thread size:
    • 3/8 inch - gray body
    • 1/2 inch - tan body (click for image)
  • Available lanyard lengths:
    • 4 inch (10 cm) - gray or tan body
    • 5 inch (13 cm) - tan body only
  • May be welded to approved FAA fabrics or commonly used marine fabrics

Specifications and Technical Information

  • Materials:
    • 100% polyether-based, polyurethane body
  • Available for either 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch threaded CO2 cylinders
  • Specifications
    • Meets FAA, TSO-C13F requirements

Information Downloads

Note:  "C" prefix indicates HR drawing available for our customers.  When ordering, actual part number does not include "C" prefix.


U.S. Patent 5,564,478 and foreign patents issued and pending
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