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Needlefree Swabable Valves


Bag End Valve

Product Information

Needlefree swabable bag access valves are designed to attach directly to the bag during the production of IV solution bags.

These valves can be used as a needlefree injection site or to access the bag with a mating luer connector, eliminating the need for spike ports

Features and Benefits

  • Valve offers high flow rates
  • Available with clear, red or blue cap

Specifications and Technical Information

  • Materials: 
    • Body:  polycarbonate
    • Stem:  silicone
  • Tubing port designed for 6.8mm (0.268 inch) I.D. tubing

Information Downloads

Note:  "C" prefix indicates HR drawing available for our customers.  When ordering, actual part number does not include "C" prefix.


U.S. Patents 5,360,413 and 6,089,541 and foreign patents issued and pending
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