Halkey Roberts

Needlefree Swabable Valves


T-Port Swabable Valve

Product Information

Halkey-Roberts needlefree swabable T-port is designed to be bonded in-line on various types of IV tubing sets to provide an access port for taking samples or injecting medication. 

The valve may be used in a variety of IV applications (i.e. hemodialysis).

The valve is available with a clear, red or blue cap (click for image).

Features and Benefits

  • Valve offers high flow rates
  • Easy to grasp while connecting to a luer
  • Available with a clear, red or blue cap (click for image)

Specifications and Technical Information

  • Materials: 
    • Body:  polycarbonate
    • Stem:  silicone
  • Tubing fitment designed for 6.8mm (0.268 inch) O.D. tubing

Information Downloads

Note:  "C" prefix indicates HR drawing available for our customers.  When ordering, actual part number does not include "C" prefix.


U.S. Patents 5,360,413 and 6,089,541 and foreign patents issued and pending
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