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750PU push open valve

Product description:

The 750PU valve is designed to equalize the pressure in small containers and cases prior to opening. Simply push open to equalize pressure and direct the air or gas out the radial holes.

The valve is easily installed through a single 9/16 inch (14.3mm) holed in the case or container. A nut tightens and squeezes and O-ring to insure an air tight seal.

Features & benefits

  • Provides safe air equalization

  • Compact, lightweight: ~0.4 ounces (11.5 grams)

  • Each valve 100% inspected prior to shipping

  • Temperature range from -65°F to 180°F (-54°C to 82°C)

  • Available finishes: Clear anodized or EMI/RIF coating

Specifications & technical information


  • Body, stem and nut: aluminum

  • O-ring:  Buna-N

  • Outer O-ring:  Neoprene

  • Spring: stainless steel


DFARS and ROHS compliant

Additional information

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