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830B08 molded manifold

Product description:

The 830B08 molded manifold with our patented silicone valve provides positive sealing with low pressure activation to allow a complete fill from a CO2 cylinder.

Available replacement parts:

  • 8491AM gasket (2 required)

  • 830B03 cap nut

  • 830B07G valve

  • D830A0 welding die

Features & benefits

  • Unit construction reduces leak paths and increases stability

  • Urethane flange welds to most urethane-coated inflation chambers

  • Uses the same sealing die as our brass manifold for a seamless production transition

  • Self-aligning cap nut prevents cross-threading in production

  • Stem is molded from high strength engineered plastics for strength and high corrosion resistance

Specifications & technical information


  • Flange: Polyether urethane

  • Stem: Glass-filled nylon

  • Cap nut: Glass-filled nylon

  • Valve: Silicone/acetal


Meets UL 1191 requirements

  • 100% leak tested

  • 100% crack tested

Additional information

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