Needlefree swabable valves

Robertsite® multiport manifold

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The Robertsite® multiPort manifold includes six gravity-activated check valves and one inline check valve.

Ideal for OR/Surgery, ICU, Oncology, and CCU applications.

Features & benefits

  • Latest needlefree technology

  • Eliminates retrograde flow with unique integrated gravity-activated check valve

  • Ports maintain sterile barrier/closed system

  • Highest flow rates, lowest dead space

  • Luer activates with luer lock or slip syringes

  • Unrestricted fluid path

  • Approximate priming volume: 1.4 ml

  • No replacement caps

  • 150 units/case

Specifications & technical information


  • Body: 

    • Plastic housing: Polycarbonate

    • Injection sites: Silicone

    • Check valves: Polyisoprene

  • All materials are PVC-free

  • Not made with natural rubber latex

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