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Manual/automatic inflators

Alpha inflator® manual/automatic

Product description:

The Alpha Inflator® manual/automatic is designed for use on life vests where automatic (immersion) backup is desirable.

Available Replacement Parts:

  • V90113 manifold O-ring (2)

  • V87403L gasket for 1/2" thread

  • V87403S gasket for 3/8" thread

  • V90124  indicator clip

  • V80040 bobbin

  • V85201MY manual cap

  • V90125YMK manual cap

Assembly tooling: D830AO sealing die

Features & benefits

  • Improved splash and humidity resistance

  • Service life: Five years

  • Standard lanyard lengths: 4 inch (10 cm), 6 inch (15 cm), 10 inch (25 cm),13.5 inch adjustable (34 cm) on the V90000xN135

  • Available for either ⅜ inch or ½ inch CO2 threaded cylinder

  • Passes 1F inflator humidity testing requirements

Specifications & technical information


  • Glass-reinforced nylon

  • All metal components: Stainless steel for the marine environment 



  • Meets UL 1191 standard

  • Meets Cen/ISO12402-7 standard

  • UL recognized as a USCG Code 6F component

Additional information

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