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Needlefree swabable valves

Swabable valve HD

Product description:

Straight male threaded swabable valve HD is uniquely designed for use in hemodialysis. It utilizes our split septum technology and enhanced female luer lock to provide ultra high flow rates for your patient’s needs. The closed nature of the valve and the ability to disinfect it offers protection against catheter related blood stream infections. The valve provides a new alternative to hemodialysis patient care. (Currently not available for sale in the US)

Features & benefits

  • Mates securely with all standard luer syringes and connectors providing a hermetic seal between syringe luer tip and valve

  • Enhanced female luer locking threads mate securely with a variety of male spin-;lock connectors used in high flow applications such as Hemodialysis and Apheresis

  • High flow

  • Can also be used in drainage applications

  • Colors: Housing in yellow or clear; septum in clear or blue silicone 

Specifications & technical information


  • Body: polycarbonate  in yellow or clear

  • Stem: silicone in clear or blue

Additional information

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