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Manual/automatic inflators

V87000 'mini' inflator

Product description:

The V87000 'mini' inflator is designed for use in markets where weight and volume are at a premium.

Available replacement parts:

  • V87400  lock clip

  • 849AM  ⅜ inch cylinder gasket

  • 849AML ½ inch cylinder gasket

  • SD87000  sealing die

  • TV87110  pivot pin removal

Features & benefits

  • Lightweight 

  • The inflator is available in two colors to differentiate thread size: 3/8 inch gray body; 1/2 inch tan body

  • Available lanyard lengths: 4 inch (10 cm) in gray or tan body; 5 inch (13 cm) in tan body only

  • May be welded to approved FAA fabrics or commonly used marine fabrics

Specifications & technical information

Materials: 100% polyether-based, polyurethane body


Available for either 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch threaded CO2 cylinders


Specifications: Meets FAA, TSO-C13F requirements

Additional information

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