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 About us

The historyof Halkey-Roberts starts over 75 years ago.  Back then, we manufactured aviation components – an OEM market we still proudly serve. Over the years we have expanded into healthcare: designing and producing gas and fluid delivery products used in disposable medical devices. We have added a complete range of inflator systems for life vests and associated safety devices used in military, commercial and recreational applications. Then there are our pressure relief valves utilized in transportation, military aviation, hospitals…

Today, in all, we manufacture over 3,000 SKUs.

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"The greatest design in the world fails if not repeatable when manufactured to the highest quality standards."


David Battat, CEO

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The quality that is Halkey-Roberts is evidenced in many ways. Current patents run in the hundreds. Ongoing relationships with OEMs date as far back as the 1950s. Mass-production tolerance levels are held as tight as .002" off the nominal.

It’s because quality is built into the process. Design and manufacturing are co-located utilizing concurrent engineering methodologies. Instead of designing in a vacuum, manufacturing informs design. To the extent that the properties of the material, the tooling, the molding, and

the assembly process...become part of the conceptualization, not part of the reject pile.

Once in production, the controlled environment for molding and assembly helps certify components to meet multiple industry standards.


Halkey Roberts regularly supports our regulatory compliance 

customer requests within the scope of our ISO 13485 Quality Management system and any federal or state regulatory compliance requirements which includes material compliance, Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable procurement practices.


Our regulatory compliance email is  and the appropriate contact for these types of requests.

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"Lean manufacturing principles are embraced throughout the organization to eliminate waste."

Steve Bello, Vice President

Business Development

The service you receive from Halkey-Roberts starts with a sales teams whose decades of experience along with engineering and mathematics degrees become apparent in the initial conversations. They recognize your problems; they’ve produced your solutions. 

It continues by understanding your business needs. Like maintaining significant safety stock levels to ensure no supply chain disruptions. Like providing redundant warehousing to reduce supply chain risk.


Our size, and financial strength, empower such levels of service.

The ability to provide mass customization to our customers is our secret weapon. We combine your idea with our in-depth product knowledge and expertise in flexible automation to provide a custom product at a low unit production cost. This helps our customers differentiate their end products and provide their clients with truly custom solutions.

For many, mass customization is simply not possible.  For Halkey-Roberts, we do it day in, day out.

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