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Submit a New Product Idea 

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Halkey-Roberts recognizes that professionals in their field often have an idea for a new product and are seeking to license any resulting intellectual property to a manufacturing company, like Halkey, in exchange for royalties. Halkey therefore welcomes ideas for new products and is willing to review new product idea submissions. Initially, Halkey’s review will be limited to whatever non-confidential information you provide to Halkey. The non-confidential information provided to Halkey should be specific enough to entice Halkey’s interest in pursuing your product idea. If so and if Halkey is sufficiently interested in your new product idea to pursue further discussions with you, a written confidential/non-disclosure agreement will be proposed to govern the succeeding confidentiality and non-disclosure obligations. 

You may submit your new product idea to Halkey in whatever form that is convenient for you. However, a suggested format is as follows:

  * Please give a short, descriptive title to your new product idea.

  * Please summarize in writing the nature and features of your new product idea. Add additional lines as necessary. Drawings may be attached. Please remember that whatever you say about your new product idea will not be deemed confidential by Halkey unless and until a written confidential/nondisclosure agreement is subsequently mutually agreed upon.

  * Please compare the features of your new product idea to other products already on the market. Add additional lines as necessary. Attach literature about the competitive products discussed in your comparison. It is important to emphasize the improvements in your product idea over what products are already on the market. Likewise, what is the projected market for your new product idea?

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Please include any product supporting attachments, Technical drawings, Material specifications, additional confidential/nondisclosure agreement requests, or other documents if acceptable.

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 Please acknowledge your agreement to the non-confidentiality of your new product idea submission by signing, dating, and returning the attached waiver to Halkey. Your product idea will not be considered prior to receiving the signed waiver.


I am submitting to Halkey-Roberts Corporation, (together with its parents, subsidiaries and affiliates, collectively referred to as "Halkey") certain ideas, technologies, and/or other materials having to do with products, and/or the development of new products, processes, and/or packaging, (collectively referred to as the "Submission"). I understand and agree to the following:

(1) Non-confidential Submission. Only non-confidential information is included in the Submission. All information disclosed to HALKEY in this Submission will be considered non-confidential public information and HALKEY shall not be required to retain or return any Submission. I will indemnify and hold HALKEY harmless from and against any and all third-party claims, losses, liabilities and damages arising from my Submission.

(2) No Commitment. HALKEY has no obligation to enter into any discussion or agreement regarding the Submission or pay or buy the Submission. Moreover, nothing herein will prevent HALKEY from pursuing any conversations or agreements for similar Submissions with other third parties. Further, HALKEY shall not be limited or prohibited from creating, developing or acquiring any ideas, products, technologies, concepts or systems that are similar to or compete with the Submission.

(3) Additional Representations. I represent that I am 18 years or older. I represent that to the best of my knowledge I am the owner of the Submission or authorized representative of the owner.


(4) Governing Law. These terms and conditions, and any Submission made hereunder, is governed by the substantive law of and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the State of Florida, USA, without regard to any principle of conflict or choice of laws.

Thanks for submitting!

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