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Needlefree swabable valves

Swabable T-port small-bore tubing

Product description:

Halkey-Roberts needlefree swabable T-ports for small bore tubing are designed to be bonded in-line on various types of IV tubing sets to provide an access port for taking samples or injecting medication. 


The valves may be used in a variety of IV applications (i.e. hemodialysis).

The T-Ports are available in: 4.0/4.1 mm, 3.2 mm, and 2.0 mm versions.

Features & benefits

  • High flow rates

  • Easy to grasp while connecting to a luer

  • Available with a clear cap

Specifications & technical information


  • Body:  Polycarbonate

  • Stem:  Silicone 


Tubing fitments are designed to fit O.D. tubing: 4.0/4.1 mm (0.157/0.161 inch), 3.2 mm (0.126 inch), and 2.1 mm (0.082 inch).

Additional information

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