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Pressure relief/activated valve

T-Pressure relief valve with luer locks

Product description:

The 24761xx24 series 'T' relief valves are designed for in-line pressure relief with  convenient luer lock connections

Features & benefits

  • Convenient connection via female and male luer locks

  • Customizable springs for pressures from 2.5-psi to 100-psi

  • Easily connected in-line to prevent over pressurization of balloon catheters, pump circuits and can help to protect sensitive equipment

  • Applications for fluid and gas

Designed to be connected in-line via luer lock connections

Specifications & technical information


  • Body: Polycarbonate

  • Stem: Silicone

  • Spring: Stainless steel

  • Plug: Polypropylene

  • Male spin lock: Polycarbonate


Additional information

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